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[US🇺🇸]Orion Sun – ‘A Collection Moments and Daydreams’ (Album)[en]

[US🇺🇸]Orion Sun – ‘A Collection Moments and Daydreams’ (Album)[en]

『Introducing Philadelphia based female Singer/Producer ‘Orion Sun’ ‘s 1st Album ‘A Collection Moments and Daydreams’. A very nice album that dreamy, romantic and natural tracks matched her slightly husky and delicate vocal. All songs produced by herself(w/o one). It may be early to call her genius, but it is the appearance of a large newcomer after a long time. Recommend all, so please check them out. 』

T: A Collection Moments and Daydreams
A: Orion Sun
F: Kari Edamame, Mulch Aikens
P: Orion Sun, Mulch Aikens
F: Album
L: Mom+Pop
R: 2017/07/02

Orion Sun
IG: @cloudgem
YT: Orion Sun
SC: orionsun
BC: orionsun
GS: Orion-sun
TR: osbeats.tumblr.com
HP: www.orionsun.space

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