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[PH🇵🇭]Space Moses – ”Homesick”[en]

[PH🇵🇭]Space Moses – ”Homesick”[en]

It’s like Young Ziggy Stardust from Philippine… The name is Luke Changcoco a.k.a “Space Moses”.
Dreamy Sweet Rock Tune that makes Slow, Spacy and Exiotic Rock Sound, and a romantic voice with a dignified sound.
There are many points that are worrisome and unknown, but this talent is certain. Big star again from Philippine.
Let’s check it.

Dope Jam Session
This is an orthodox Rock Band Style Live.

A remarkable person like Harry Teardrops.

Space Moses
IG: @spacemoses_
TW: @space_moses
Genius: Space-moses

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