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[Skate]Nike SB – ”GIZMO”

昨日紹介した”Destiny Rogers”の存在や映画”Skate Kitchen”の公開でも分かるように、今や女性のLife Styleの1つとして定着した女性によるSkatebording。そんな中Nike SBから初の全編女性ライダーによるSkate Videoが公開。今作は女性Street SkaterのPioneerの1人”Elissa Steamer”に敬意を払い、彼女のニックネーム”GIZMO”をタイトルに名付けたもの。日本からは西村碧莉が参加。Spotの攻め方やFashionなど様々なStyleのSkateを観ることが出来る。にしてもElissa SteamerのOGっぷり渋いです。少しノスタルジックな映像は映像作品としても素敵なのでチェックしてみよう。

In 1996, Elissa Steamer pushed her way into skateboarding’s spotlight with a stand-out style that transcended gender and commanded respect. Through video and grassroots touring, Elissa, whose nickname “GIZMO” her father bestowed upon her, became a favorite to many, inspiring generations of skateboarders for years to come. Proof that progression in skateboarding is more than just tricks. Nike SB proudly presents GIZMO, our first all-women’s skate video and homage to Elissa and testament of what’s to come. Featuring Lacey Baker, Leticia Bufoni, Hayley Wilson, Sarah Meurle, Josie Millard, Nicole Hause, Aori Nishimura, Rayssa Leal and Elissa Steamer. Directed by Jason Hernandez with assistance from Tyler Smolinski, GIZMO is dedicated to those breaking open new lanes.

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