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[US🇺🇸/VE🇻🇪]maye – ‘My Love'[en]

[US🇺🇸/VE🇻🇪]maye – ‘My Love'[en]

『Introducing US based Venezuelan singer ‘maye”s debut single ‘My Love’. The song is a moody R&B tune that matches the track. This is a sweet & chillin’ R&B tune that matches maye’s soft voocal on a moody track. Recommend it.』

C: US, Venezuela
T: My Love
A: maye
P: Fernando Belisario, Patrick Howard
F: Single
L: Pink Poetry & EO Entertainment
R: 2019/03/14

TW: @mayetogo
YT: OsorioMaye
SC: mayetogo
GS: Maye

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